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Monday, 04 May 2015


Our jewellery is made of quality hypo-allergenic materials. They are carefully selected from various markets around the world.


The natural materials are a key component of the handmade jewellery we produce. The materials we love using in creating our handmade jewellery include cultivated pearls (natural pearls), fossil and semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, turquoise and citrine, lava beads, corals and ivory as well as leather. Furthermore, our favourite materials include handmade stones, murano beads, strings, fabric elements, metallic threads, ceramic beads.
As for crystals, our direct co-operation with the Swarovski factory guarantees crystals of exceptional quality and competitive prices for the final product. Last but not least, metallic accessories and elements, many of which are designed by our team.

The metals we use are made of bronze. Bronze is a fully hypo-allergic alloy used for decoration since antiquity.
Unlike other alloys often used in jewellery, such as zamak and tin alloys, it does not contain lead. Lead is one of the main allergens in jewellery.
For the creation of jewellery we often use fire bonding. The bonding method we use is silver bonding - and not soldering, since solder contains lead.
Furthermore, silver bonding provides much firmer bondings.
The second allergen in jewellery is nickel.
Catherine Bijoux jewellery are nickel-free.
This mainly concerns the plating method. We do not use nickel in our platings.
Gold-plated jewellery is plated with 24-carat gold, while silver-plated has a layer of silver in its purest form.
In this way we can freely enjoy your favourite earrings and bracelets, without being afraid that they may cause you skin problems.