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Monday, 04 May 2015


And now some advice (without it being a rule) as to what suits every woman.


When it comes to necklaces, petite jewellery lovers should rather prefer smaller necklaces, both in length and volume, at the base of the neck. Taller and larger women need more impressive (medium size or long) necklaces to flatter them, and certainly not necklaces that fit around the neck. Flattering earrings for women with dark hair are light whites, ivory and beige, but also brights, such as pink, turquoise, greens, orange in light shades. The aim is to lighten up the face and that is why crystals in very light shades are really what is best, in order to add light and glamour to face framed by dark hair.
On the other hand a blonde will look fabulous in a pair of black earrings, since this gives a very nice contrast.
As for the length, long hair definitely need long and impressive earrings, to accentuate the face and be proportionate.
However if you are not quite the long earrings type, but prefer the touch of style of very discreet earrings, just ignore this piece of advice. What we really want, after every time you buy a piece of Catherine Bijoux handmade jewellery is that it does not stay in your drawer, but that you really enjoy it, whether it is earrings or any other kind. In any case opt for the jewellery that will make you feel more beautiful. After all, that is why we wear jewellery.

As to rings, chunky, long and impressive rings usually require long fingers. Now, if your fingers are long and chubby then chunky rings are a must, otherwise a delicate ring will just not show on your hands.
Women with long fingers may wear both chunky and delicate rings, while those with short fingers should avoid long rings, because they will make their fingers look even shorter.

As to bracelets, women with thin wrists may easily wear both fine and chunky bracelets. However fine bracelets do not flatter thicker wrists. In this case too, we need more volume.

Always remember that if you want to accentuate a specific outfit with a special piece of jewellery, you should also match the remaining accessories too, such as handbag and shoes. For instance if you pick a black dress with golden sandals, you could match them with a pair of impressive golden earrings. Therefore you can pick clothes of one colour, shoes and handbag of another and match the two colours with the right jewellery.

Some post - purchase advice
To keep your jewellery in the state you purchased it for many years, do not use hairspray, perfume and detergents when you wear it.

Avoid giving it to children. Not only will they break it, they might also choke on their parts.

Furthermore, for sanitation reasons, it is advisable not to try on earrings in shops.